About Hacienda Panorama

Hidden in the lush mountains of Las Marías, escape it all at Hacienda Panorama and its sixteen, gorgeous acres.

Spend the day wandering the tropical grounds (pun intended) on our working coffee farm run by nonprofit, Friends of Puerto Rico.

Take a stroll to the river that runs through the property or just lounge about, overlooking paradise from a deck that feels like your very own treehouse.

The area is also a bird lover's heaven where you’ll find such rare and beautiful species such as cave swallow, white-crowned pigeon, white-winged parakeet and the puertorican tanager!

The first floor of the house hosts not just a kitchen so you can enjoy creole cuisine, but your very own coffee bar, where you’ll be provided with the delicious fruits of our labor on the farm - our own Café Ama coffee - a social-impact company.

By staying at Hacienda Panorama, you’ll not only enjoy a secluded vacation surrounded by nature, but you’ll also be supporting a good cause.

All proceeds from your stay are donated to Friends of Puerto Rico, a nonprofit that provides scholarships to local women and youth to have a pathway out of poverty.

All guests will also receive their own bag of coffee to take home!

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