Why buy Café Ama Love?

Why buy our coffee?

By buying Café Ama Love, you are enjoying a delicious and freshly roasted coffee from Puerto Rico and directly investing in the future of 1,000 women and girls. With your support, we can transform their future with entrepreneurship education and provide the tools for them to have an active role in the local economy. 

Buy Café Amapola to:

  • Support the local economy and farmworker
  • Enjoy a delicious coffee with a cause and all the flavor from Puerto Rico
  • Give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs


Our Blends

A. Emprende: This version is sold by our students as part of their SEEDS program. It is sold within the local community and funds are used to start their business.

B. Love Blend: 100% arabica beans that we call the #LoveBlend because of the impact it transmits. It blends the love for coffee with the passion of developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

C. Decaf

Taste Ama’s Love Blend

Enjoy Café Ama Love signature #LoveBlend made with 100% arabica beans from Puerto Rico. The #LoveBlend was created to fuse the love for coffee with the passion of developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Each freshly brewed cup transmits the passion and resilience of our communities in Puerto Rico and the impact we all have in transforming their future

Why are our coffees special?

All proceeds support the SEEDS youth entrepreneurship program by the non-profit Friends of Puerto Rico. Cafe Amapola is building an entrepreneur one coffee bag at a time.