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By Angie Gomez

As part of Café Ama Love and Friends of Puerto Rico’s ongoing efforts to aid the community, an inspiring new project has been officially established with Casa Pensamiento de Mujer del Centro. 

Casa Pensamiento, led by Mrs. Jenniffer Berríos Rubert, is an organization based in the municipality of Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Their team brings aid and services to victims of abuse, whether they be women, men or members of the LGBTTIQA+ community, as well as support for the victims' families. Friends of Puerto Rico strongly believes in Casa Pensamiento’s mission for equality and healthy families, as well as their philosophy of “Transforming Today the Woman of Tomorrow”. 

That is why a joint effort under the ESMERALDA Project has begun: “Cafés en Junte'', an initiative focused on education via workshops and organized discussions. 

Cafés en Junte aim to guide and empower, as well as prevent and avoid situations that can result in child abuse. By creating a safe and comfortable environment, participants can feel at ease to learn more about how they can establish healthy relationships within their family dynamic, among many other relevant topics. With an initial donation of 500 Café Ama Love coffee bags, Friends of Puerto Rico hopes to nurture a culture of conversation for the betterment of our communities. 

To learn more about Casa Pensamiento de Mujer del Centro’s services, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram, as well as email 

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