Celebrating the Holidays with Neo Ioannou - our latest Brand Ambassador!

Café Ama is proud to present Neo Ioannou as our End of Year Brand Ambassador!

When Neo Ioannou saw what Café Ama and Friends of Puerto Rico do for our island, he was instantly ready to partner up! As a Puerto Rican and Greek-Cypriot New Yorker, the talented performer felt connected to the mission, cultural representation and impact on the community. 

Neo comes from a vibrant family background. His father was born & raised in Cyprus, while his mother is a first-generation Nuyorican. Her parents, Neo’s grandparents, are both from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and moved to the states in search of the American Dream.

Friends of Puerto Rico has roots in Aguadilla as well, making this partnership feel even more special! 

When asked about the importance of the winter holidays and being our brand ambassador during this special time, Neo said “I love it! Seriously, I think this is one of the best moments to become an ambassador, as this whole time is about giving, loving, and spending time with the people you love. It’s the perfect time!”  

Neo has been a coffee lover since his teenage years! “High school is when I started actively drinking coffee in the mornings. That’s when I was hooked!” 

He drinks all types of coffee! At home it’s either a normal café americano or espresso which a little bit of cinnamon. Every now an then, he’ll whip up a cappuccino or a Greek frappé.  

 Learn more about Neo! 

Neo Ioannou is the creator of The NEO Studio, which offers online private voice lessons, dramatic coachings, and audition/role prep to young professionals and emerging artists.


“I’ve been singing, dancing, and acting since I was three years old. After years of classes and performances, I was accepted into a performing arts high school and then decided that this would definitely be my career."

"I kept training and got accepted into a conservatory-level program, where I did my Bachelors, Masters, and Post-Masters in Vocal Performance. On my journey, I started teaching private voice and finally decided to create my online vocal studio during the pandemic.” 

Faced with the new challenges of the virtual world and the entertainment industry, Neo felt that it was a great time to help students in their vocal journey as they are now dealing with a different set of complications. 


“I would describe myself as passionate and determined. I always try to do my best and give it my all. I like to uplift others and help them live up to their true potential. And I have fun in the process!” 

In celebration of our partnership, Neo has a special discount for the Café Ama and Friends of Puerto Rico community. He is offering 20% off any type of voice lesson with the code CAFEAMALOVE. 

Visit his website, neophytosioannou.com, and use the code upon scheduling your session! Keep in touch with Neo via Instagram, Facebook & YouTube

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