Coffee, Golf & Purpose - FOPR’s First Charity Golf Tournament

By Angie Gomez

On Friday October 8th, a very special event took place in Aguadilla!

The Friends of Puerto Rico and Café Ama Team prepared for a day full of golf, laughter, coffee and purpose in Punta Borinquen Golf Club. A special thanks is in order to our Gold Sponsors: Ferries del Caribe, Southwest Airlines, Mendez & Co., Suiza, First Medical, CBX Global & Honeywell. Without you, this event wouldn't have been possible! 

Café Ama & Amapola were front and center, with Ismael from O Positivo Café brewing cups of love as guests made their way into the lobby.

Over 70 players attended! With breakfast, coffee and goodie bags in tow, the event began with a few words from our own Angelique Sina, and Julio Roldán, mayor of Aguadilla. 

Throughout the day, the players aimed for a hole-in-one in hopes of winning our grand prizes. With $10,000 dollars, a table full of tech equipment and a brand new car on the line, everyone was on their A game!

We want to highlight and thank the incredible companies that sponsored the 18 holes throughout the course! Thank you to:

  1. Island West
  2. DollarZing
  3. Dr. iPhone
  4. Perfumeria Paris
  5. ConsPro - BullBond
  6. Sherwin Wiliams
  7. Comercial Santos
  8. Albino Martinez
  9. Comercial Toro
  10. Universal Properties
  11. VIP Safety
  12. Las Vegas Aluminum
  13. Hogar Némesis
  14. AMC Building
  15. La Licorera
  16. Soto Master Engineering
  17. Retail Contractors
  18. Pochy Joyeros
After hours on the green, everyone headed to the outdoor seating area for the closing ceremony. A delicious lunch was prepared by Chef Anthony and the team at Tijereta Gastrobar, with groceries sponsored by Econo!

Numerous prizes were awarded, from beautiful pieces created by Carlos Valentin to gift certificates for restaurants, flights & even a hotel stay!

Thank you our friends and partners for providing extra goodies: DonQ, Coca Cola, Dr. Tech, The English Rose, Mi Familias Pizza, The Fish, Fundación Superhéroes, Gustavo Rivera, Innovative Education, Center, Inc. & FAP Roofing. 

All in all, we can say that the event was a success! People came together for a memorable experience, with the purpose of creating impact in our communities.

At least 40 news students for the SEEDS Program will have full scholarships thanks to everyone who supported FOPR’s First Charity Golf Tournament!

We hope to see you again next year! 

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