How To Brew Professionally From Home

Nothing beats starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee. For thousands of people, that means their routine includes a stop at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or their favorite cafe’s drive-thru. But why do we spend $4 almost every day for a cup of coffee that we could make at home... and better? 

According to an article by Forbes, spending money on coffee is, 

A pleasing brew of social ritual, self-reward, feeling valued by attentive servers and a welcome pause in a busy day.

Workplace psychologist Bill Dyment also mentions how,

A savings calculator will tell you that such a once-a-day habit adds up to $133,000 over 30 years if the same amount was invested instead at a modest interest rate.

Can you believe, on average, Americans are spending over $1,000 a year just on their coffee? Giving your comfy routine and your wallet an update doesn’t have to be difficult. We have some helpful barista-approved tips that will help you save money and make your homemade coffee taste like it’s straight from the shop. 


Be aware that the device you use at home to brew will have an impact on the strength and overall taste of your coffee.  In order to make coffee that satisfies your preferences, you should use the brewing method that can best achieve these goals for you. One of the owners of the beloved coffee shop Brew Brew in Chicago stated, 

Automatic drip coffee makers tend to brew an even, mild pot of coffee while a French Press provides a bolder, darker flavor.

Just something to keep in mind when purchasing a new coffeemaker! 


If you want a quality cup of coffee, you are going to need quality coffee beans. Flavor options become an endless realm of possibilities when compared to pre-ground coffee, granting you complete control of the flavor. Besides being more flavorful, whole bean coffee is fresher and gives you freedom in modifying grind size. 


Grinding too much at once will influence the freshness of your coffee. You also want to keep it in a sealed container away from sunlight. Loss of aroma and taste can turn any morning into a bland one, making this is extremely important when trying to find what coffee flavor best suits you.

Moreover, pinpointing the appropriate ratio of grounds to water is key and it may take a few tries, depending on what your taste buds tell you. Which is why it is essential to measure out how much you are using, so when you find that perfect cup of joe, you know how to recreate it. Being at home gives you the ability to adjust the grind size and amount in order to best match your coffee preferences. The smallest changes can affect your coffee’s flavor. 


Here is a reminder to do so as frequently as possible! It may seem like a hassle but you will be shocked at the difference it can make. Every time you brew coffee, the debris from the beans and water  builds up and deposits inside the machine and the oil from your beans transfers to the pot, affecting the flavor. The last thing you want in the morning is a cup of coffee that tastes burnt. 

With these tips in mind, remember that a perfectly balanced cup is simply each of your variables sitting in a specific ratio. You are a few tries away from assembling the ideal brew just for you. Once you do, you will never want to spend those $4 a single coffee again! 

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