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By Olga Hernández

La Famosa is ready to take over the city! The new (yet long awaited!) Puerto Rican restaurant has opened in Washington DC. We can finally celebrate having a piece of home in the District! 

La Famosa’s tagline “Born in Puerto Rico, Made in DC” captures the essence of the diaspora’s love for Puerto Rico. The carefully curated menu evokes the feeling of being right at home; bringing in all the flavors that define our culture in a casual atmosphere. The beautiful tropical décor and having a bite of the mofongo immediately transported me to my mom’s kitchen. The chuletas Kan-Kan and the crab turnovers were also top favorites.

The restaurant also serves the breakfast options that we would find in our childhood neighborhood panaderías like quesitos, mallorcas and pastelillos de guayaba. And to make the perfect breakfast pair, La Famosa now sells Café Ama Love, our cafecito boricua with a purpose, that directs its proceeds to women and children entrepreneurship programs on the island. 

Olga Hernández, visited La Famosa.

Thank you, Chef Joancarlo Parkhurst for bringing a taste of Puerto Rico to the District. The warmth and flavor of our island was long overdue in the nation’s capital.

So, what are you waiting for? Pop by La Famosa for some mallorcas with Café Ama Love, located at 1300 4th St. SE, Washington, D.C.

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