Our Very Own Ocean Heroes! SEEDS Biz Highlight - Guarda Costas

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By Angie Gomez

The world’s oceans are subjected to our actions as a collective. Most of marine pollution comes from human activities, whether it be from the coastlines or even farther inland. The reality is, human affairs have consequences on our environment, and its effects are a phenomenon that we live and see every day. To combat this crisis and get back on the right track, a young business from the 2021 SEEDS Program has made it their mission to create awareness and protect the coasts right here in Puerto Rico. 


Meet Guarda Costas, a SEEDS Biz created by Yan Omar Cruz Burgos, Jyann M. López Ortiz & Adrian E. Padilla Burgos that makes different ocean themed products!

Not only do they craft beautiful necklaces, keychains and wall hangings, but they also make impressive woodwork! On their Facebook, Guarda Costas share important information and events related to protecting and preserving our coastal environments. 

Recently, the Luis Miranda Casañas Foundation reached out to Friends of Puerto Rico with a desire to support Guarda Costas via donation. José Gabriel Morales, Executive Director, commented that the foundation was motivated by the SEEDS program because they “understand that maximizing the opportunities of those who are assuming the role of entrepreneurship is a shared responsibility.” 

The LMC Foundation took a particular interest in Guarda Costas due to their shared mission to protect nature and reduce our ecological footprint. They are particularly enthusiastic about the young entrepreneurs' commitment to Puerto Rico’s coasts.

Morales added that the LMC Foundation believes that “children should be validated, integrated and be a core part of the proposals that are taking place throughout the country.” This incredible support has been a source of inspiration and motivation to continue providing tools and a platform for SEEDS alumni and future students! 

To learn more about SEEDS, visit www.friendsofpuertorico.org/seeds!  

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