If there is something that defines Puerto Ricans, it is their joy and taste for the original. That is why within our gastronomy, you can find food and drinks with unique flavors. Thanks to the integration of our Boricua essence with great friends and partners, like Port Morris Distillery based in New York and Potomac Wines and Spirits from Washington D.C., we are delighted to announce that Café Ama has its own Pitorro.

El pitorro, a Puerto Rican moonshine rum that is distilled by hand with fruits, citruses, and nuts, now also has the taste of our social impact coffee. 

“This hand-crafted product is a dream of various entrepreneurs that only wish the best for Puerto Rico. We hope that this product attracts more people so that they will also be friends of Puerto Rico," says Angelique Sina, President of Friends of Puerto Rico.


Port Morris Distillery

Port Morris Distillery

Since the start of Café Ama, we’ve met friends who have the passion and desire to continue developing entrepreneurship to help Puerto Rico. They motivate us to keep going. That does not only help in the expansion of enterprises or goals, but it also allows the union of two businesses so that you can offer an exclusive product. The Pitorro by Café Ama Love is the proof, a product with taste and purpose.

Angelique Sina, president of FOPR, and Steve Feldman from Potomac Wines & Spirits.

Angelique Sina, president of FOPR, and Steve Feldman from Potomac Wines & Spirits.

We invite you to order yours here. Café Ama’s Pitorro will also be available in La Famosa restaurant in Washington, D.C. The sales support our SEEDS program in developing the next generation of entrepreneurs from Puerto Rico.

Networking not only nurtures the growth of your business or your contacts, but it’s also the start of a long journey to fulfill your dreams.

You can find all PMD Pitorro flavors at Potomac Wines in 3100 M St Washington DC. You can also order online at www.potomacwines.com and by calling at 202-333-2847.

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