As schools across the country transition to online learning to combat the spread of COVID-19, millions of children are being forced to stay home.

Amapola's mother was eager for her 10-year-old daughter to return to school in the fall. She imagined what her first day would be like: special outfits, a cup of Café Ama, the usual morning pep talk and goodbye hugs before dropping her off for fifth grade.

But months ago, after receiving a letter outlining the school's COVID-19 protocols, which included isolated lunches, staggered schedules, and the possibility of remote learning for this year, she decided to home school Amapola for the next school year.

During this time, she learned how it is helpful for parents to consider children's needs for structure, education, exercise, social contact, appropriate free time, and a calm explanation of the situation. For our community of friends, we want to share what we learned.

In the next Blog Post published, you can learn more. Stay tuned! 

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