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Continuing with Amapola and her mother's recommendations, in addition to the resources and materials that your early childhood education service or the school can provide, you can also use the following resources:

  • ABRA - Selection of 33 game-like activities in English and in French to promote reading comprehension and writing skills of early readers.
  • British Council English language learning resources, including games, reading, writing and listening exercises.
  • Byju’s Learning application with large repositories of educational content tailored for different grades and learning levels.
  • Discovery Education – Free educational resources and lessons about viruses and outbreaks for different grade levels.
  • Duolingo Application to support language learning. Supports numerous base and target languages.
  • Facebook Get Digital - Lesson plans, conversation starters, activities, videos and other resources for students to stay connected
  • Khan Academy – Free online lessons and practice in math, sciences and humanities, as well as free tools for parents and teachers to track student progress. Available in 40+ languages, and aligned to national curriculum for over 10 countries.
  • Music Crab – Mobile application accessible for music education. 
  • OneCourseChild-focused application to deliver reading, writing and numeracy education.
  • Profuturo – Resources in different subject areas for students in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • Polyup  – Learning content to build math and gaining computational thinking skills for students in primary and early secondary school.
  • Quizlet – Learning flashcards and games to support learning in multiple subjects, available in 15 languages. 
  • SDG Academy Library - A searchable library of more than 1,200 educational videos on sustainable development and related topics.
  • Smart History Art history site with resources created by historians and academic contributors.
  • YouTube – Huge repository of educational videos and learning channels.

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