SEEDS Biz for World Environment Day!

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By Angie Gomez 

Protecting the environment is pivotal for everything that we do and anything that we hope to achieve. Earth is our only home, and we must take care of it so that it can continue to take care of us!

Café Ama prides itself in sharing delicious Puerto Rican coffee with ethically sourced beans from local farmers. The goal is to produce with conservation in mind, as well as supporting the local economy. This mindset is part of what drives the SEEDS Program and motivates our scholars. 

Several of our SEEDS Biz were created with conservation in mind. To celebrate this year’s World Environment Day, we want to highlight two special businesses: New World and Guarda Costas. Recently, these young entrepreneurs shared their products at Mercado Ballajá in Old San Juan. 

Marileen Vega, Keyvier Feliciano, Marielis Sneed & Julio A. García Ortiz joined forces to create New World. This young business, based in Guaynabo, produces hand-made items and accessories from recycled materials. With fun designs and innovative ideas, these students aim to reduce waste and influence others to do the same. 

Over in Barranquitas, Yan O.  Cruz Burgos, Jyann Michael & Adrian Padilla founded Guarda Costas. Inspired by their trips to the beach, the group creates ocean themed products to increase awareness. Through their business, they hope to motivate others to protect the coasts and sea life. 

Seeing our SEEDS students so passionate about the environment is beyond inspiring. There is something we can all learn from them! 

Visit to read more about the SEEDS Program and how you can support it! 

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