Meet our honorary co-founder, Amapola! Ama comes from the mountains of Puerto Rico and was named after the Puerto Rican state flower, the Hibiscus, or as it is referred to on the island, the Amapola. Not by accident, Ama also means “to love” in Spanish.

After Hurricane María, Ama found coffee beans near her home that survived the disastrous storm. She planted these magical beans in honor of her coffee-bean farming ancestors, and was amazed to see that they blossomed into acres and acres of coffee plants.

She decided to take these beans and sell them to people all over the world, spreading delicious coffee and appreciation for her beautiful island of Puerto Rico as she went.

Ama represents the power of youth and demonstrates how one small, faithful step, even in the midst of tragedy, can make all the difference. Ama inspires our farmers, team, students and customers to continue building more leaders for Puerto Rico.

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