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Amapola, our founder, has arrived to become the new member of your family and the best friend of the little ones in the house, teaching them how to create their own business.

Yes! Ama is not just a doll. She is an entrepreneurship tool that includes a business plan for adults and children. The best guide to apply and enjoy as a family this holiday, and you can pre-order it now to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Allow your children, nephews, and children you love to have an outstanding and meaningful gift this Christmas, which will provide them with tools to build their future. You are Ama's partner in spreading the love for entrepreneurship.

While your child learns, plays, and enjoys dancing with boricua maracas, you also teach them to be kind! 100% of Ama's Entrepreneurs Box sales support children at risk of poverty in Puerto Rico.

The Ama Doll is extra special, since you can scan her QR Code and learn about entrepreneurship with Ama’s Business Plan Guide!

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