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Hi! My name is Mayra C. Peña. My family and I are coffee lovers. Our love for coffee took us all around the island of Puerto Rico, sampling lots of different coffees alone and in combination with other drinks. 

Little by little, by asking in coffee shops, reading many books, watching vlogs, and videos, I realized I wanted to make my own coffee-based drinks at home and add my special touch. That’s how the @mayra.coffeeandmore concept was born! 

Through our Instagram page, I present various home-made drinks. I  would like my followers to know that regardless of how you prepare your coffee, what matters is that they and their guests enjoy the final product. 

There are lots of variables involved in the coffee-making process. Without a doubt, the selection of the coffee grain is the most critical. For the drinks pictured in this essay, I selected Café Ama Love

I chose Café Ama Love not only because it is a high-quality local product, it is a coffee with social impact. Its support of young entrepreneur programs like SEEDS helps our youth create their businesses and in turn, encourages the next generation to be prepared and break the cycle of poverty.  Café Ama Love is an excellent option for lots of my recipes.

In this picture, we talk about a recipe I named: Cappuccino Hispano, a simple recipe with deep taste. I started by preparing a regular 6 oz cappuccino. To make this recipe, use any milk of your choosing. You will need a pitcher where you will  steam your milk, coffee, sugar, and cinnamon. Since I have an espresso machine, I used it to make my recipe but any other equipment will work, too.  I used enough coffee grains for one shot of espresso, which is equivalent to 8 grams of coffee. 

My equipment is already programmed and gave me a good extraction with a bit of cream on top. Then, you add the sugar. I used a medium-sized iron pitcher and filled it halfway with milk to allow space for the foam. Whipped cream and cinnamon elevate a regular cappuccino to a Capuccino Hispano. Once the milk and foam are ready, I stir it clockwise to mix it adequately, and then I pour it in the cup with the espresso shot. Once I fill the cup, I add the whipped cream and the cinnamon. I assure you, cappuccino lovers will enjoy this version, also. For more recipes, check our Instagram page,   


Measurements and Directions:

  • 1 shot of espresso (approx. 8 grams of milled coffee). I use this quantity to make 6-8 oz cappuccinos.
  • 6 oz of steamed milk. The important thing is to create as much foam as possible, to make it an authentic cappuccino.
  • Sugar to your liking. I usually use one sugar packet for a 6oz one and two for an 8oz one.
  • Whipped cream, and cinnamon to your liking.

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